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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom

So it begins...

Comes now before the court...

I wish to extend my respect for you and in what it took to prepare and file this response to state's motion in Limine.  It was written masterfully and in a manner that truly represents Tracy and I feel in the end will dissolve a culturally miss understood Native American Church religious practice (Holy Anointing), equal to the miss understanding of the Native American Churches Ceremonial use of Peyote.

I remember the night before Oklevueha Native American Church of Mother Medicine Wheel raid and the subsequent arrest of Tracy and many of her churches members were arrested, I had received a telephone call from Tracy.  The purpose of her call was to ask me to assist her in rehabilitating a girl that she had just taken off the streets of Phoenix that was Prostituting herself and had a Cocaine addiction, knowing that I have an excellent track record in eliminating substance addictions through the use of Peyote, she asked if I would work with this woman on her addiction while she would address this girls disrespectful behavior with her creative process.  However as you know, this healing of this lost young woman never came about.

The following two paragraphs describes what I, after more than a year of prayerful considerations, finally came to the unequivocal conclusion that Tracy exemplified, in my personal opinion, the spiritual and religious qualities and commitment to represent the most sacred and profound of all the indigenous American Native ceremonies that people have been engaged in since the beginning of the Human Race.

"As to the second and first prongs of the Hardesty test, Ms. Elise will avow and testify that she is a deeply religious person and that she has been devoted to her mother Goddess for decades following the calling of Her will.  Ms. Elise will further avow and testify that ALL of her actions in life are related to her faith including any and all of the actions that are the source of the State’s allegations in the instant case.   In support of Ms. Elise’s religion, qualified witnesses can be called to explain the faith’s tenets, it origins, and the fact that it is the oldest known religion on Earth.

In sum, Ms. Elise can demonstrate that her religion is as real as any other including Catholicism, Judaism or the Muslim faith and that she is as devoted to her faith as Mother Teresa was to hers, or Gandhi was to his.  The State appears to acknowledge this in its Motion in Limine wherein it writes: “The State is aware that some members of the Phoenix Goddess Temple, especially those higher up in the organization, might sincerely believe that their practices have some spiritual or quasi-religious motivations.”  State’s Motion in Limine, pg. 12.  (Emphasis added).  In the instant, the Grand Jury Indictment indicates that the State believes that Ms. Elise is the leader of the Phoenix Goddess Temple"

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