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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
On the Chakras and Polarity

Chakras and Polarity Polarity is a term used to describe how energy moves. Energy , and the universe itself, express in a two digit code, positive charge and negative charge. Yang is the Big Bang, it is energy that flows OUT from it’s source, it seeks, it builds, it broadcasts, it sends. Yang is ‘positive’ charge. Yin is IN, it is magnetic in nature, it pulls, it invites, it receives, it is called a ‘negative’ charge because not only is it not a positive sending, it is an active pulling energy. Yang is hot, Yin is cool. Yang is the sun, Yin is the moon.


1st Chakra or Root Chakra is Creation, the act of life itself. Men are Yang, the big bang! Women are Yin, or In. Body reflects this polarity physically in the penis or lingam and the vagina or yoni.


2nd Chakra is Replication, once an organism has arrived on the scene, it must re-produce itself or perish in on life cycle. This chakra completes the sex act, begins FAMILY. Women are Yang, have building energy, Men have Yin, they are receptive to the process. Notice that it takes TWO to complete the SEX exchange.


3rd Chakra is Ego, your sense of self. Also called the Solar Chakra, as sun /soul emanates from here Men flow out, Yang, Women have Yin; their sense of who they are is mysterious, not needing witness as men do.


4th Chakra is Emotion. Once you develop a sense of self, who you are vs. others who are not you, emotion kicks in. In feelings, Women flow out, the broad cast w/Yang; Men Receive feelings deep inside their bodies, sensing not showing


5th Chakra is about Truth & Authenticity. Once you feel your own feelings, you can begin to live authentically, dropping expectations from family, society and even spouse, to live in accordance w/how you feel. Men have Yang, they flow out w/truth, women are Yin here, they receive truth and live with it INSIDE


6th Chakra is connected w/the 6th sense. Once you are alive, you can replicate, you have a sense of self vs. others, you own your own feelings, you speak your truth in the world THEN you will have wisdom and a desire to connect with the greater meaning of it all… Why am I here? This is where spiritual know-ing kicks in. For women, the 6th chakra flows out w/Yang. Their connection to source flows outwardly, connecting the pieces, like grout amid tiles. This is the reason we talk about “women’s intuition” and the reason in ancient times the highest level seers and prophets were always women. Men, in the 6th Chakra, flow inward in their desire to connect w/God. That’s why meditation is such an effective tool for men in their search for God.


7th Chakra is where your life experience, all that you have been and are being, is connected with the web. The energy you’ve borrowed from the universe to build your life experience and body is returned to the great unified field. It is neither positive or negative in charge, it is neutral, as is the web of life itself.

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