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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
Our Birth Mother

Our Birth Mother, the Great Goddess, Womb of All Creation

We hold this space for all who seek greater SOUL * BODY * MIND * UNION
Our mystery school is a sacred place to know the secret inner wisdom of the Cosmic Mother.
Our temple is a holy place for women to safely discover their own Goddess Within!

All who live are Her Sons & Daughters
None gain entrance to this plane without Her Blessing
for without Her gift of form, we cannot worship the Father.

We love our Mother, We love our Father,
We love that we are ONE


We, the Priestesses and Priests of The Great Goddess Temple take up the banner of the Cosmic Mother, who is the divine Creatrix of Life,
We are bringing home the blueprint of Heaven as a shared Family Plan.
We concentrate on the qualities shared, and we celebrate our diversity!
We create safe haven in our temple to feel completely at peace with Source, as in our own mother's womb,
a Sanctuary for our own spirit to FEEL the Soul's worth,
In the Senses of the Body: sight, sound, smell, taste and TOUCH, as the Mother's Gift,
TOUCHING FEELING KNOWING CREATION is the greatest Gift She bestows.
To stand for the Mother is to stand for the Body as the sacred vessel for our soul's walk on Earth.

God the Father gives us illumination, identity of self and a desire for an authentic and true way of being.

Goddess Mother gives us a sacred vessel, our physical form, love and feelings that compel us to come closer, to share with one / another.

He gives us our breath and soul & the desire to separate from Source to have our own dance of life.

She gives us our body and a place to stand, our home in this physical plane, beautiful Mother Earth.

He is the Sun, She is the Moon, He is the Light She is Light's Reflection and the magnetic power of Love.

Through the writings of His-Story, we know well the Father's Divine Intelligence; Muslim, Hebrew, Christian, Catholic & Protestant teachings bring His unmanifest mystery to light.

Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan & Goddess worshippers bring also the teachings of the Great Mother, without whom we would have nothing; no body, no mind, no senses and no place to be in this physical heaven-on-earth.

We, the wo/men of the Great Goddess Temple choose to honor both the Divine Father and the Cosmic Mother as we walk the path of life. With our Heavenly Father's blessing, we celebrate our Soul descending from the light realms to this precious now. We are embodied through the loving Nature of the Mother Creatrix. Please write to us or join us at one of our ceremonies, rituals or events. We await to introduce you to the Great Mother, who loves all as her own Children!

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