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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
Energetic Health

In April, 2004, the Journal of American Medical Association published medical research showing that the energy orgasm combined with prostate stimulation is an effective step toward avoiding prostate health problems.


1 Man in 6 Faces Prostate Cancer * Regular Orgasm Helps!

1 Woman in 6 Discovers Breast Cancer * Energetic Grounding / Loving Touch Helps!

We are going way out of our way to weave our services with the community at large.  WE offer many alternative healings and teachings which pick up where traditional counseling and medicine leave off.  Our private transformation chambers provide one-on-one healings for those too shy or sensitive to learn in a group setting.   Classes, courses & workshops can meet the needs of patients and loved ones who face health issues connected to sexuality and spirituality.   In general, doctors and religious leaders are 'delighted to know we exist' and have referred patients to us for preventative or post-surgery care.  It is not necessary to 'believe in tantra or the goddess' to practice energetic health.

As Ladder of Light Rainbow Body teachers, we agree with modern scientific research that there is a correlation between unexpressed energy in these areas of the body  (the chakra energy centers) can cause cellular mutation at the biological level.   Our temple continues to provide private prostate energy work for men without partners, or who have partners unable to perform prostate massage.    Men are encouraged to speak with their physician and receive guidance about the number of prostate orgasms per month which will maintain optimum health.  The latest medical research shows that the energy orgasm combined with glandular milking is most effect in preventing prostate crisis.   Women can bring their partner to temple where both can learn about partner prostate massage, glandular milking and root chakra orgasm.   The Phoenix Goddess Temple asks all women reading this to take our invitation to help your man seriously, as prostate cancer is killing our father, husbands and brothers at an alarming rate! We have the power to stop this from happening, and we must start NOW!   Breast massage and Wand of Light / Personal Nova energy, exchanged on a regular basis by loving partners, goes a long way in resolving this unwanted dis-ease in the body.   Tantric study of the heart / root circuit helps us strengthen this vial channel of energy, providing clear energy for cellular replication and health.

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