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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
Mystic Sister Ordination

Dear Sisters in Service,

I invite your to search your heart to discover your soul's purpose as a woman alive and healing Gaia at this Great Shift of 2012. As the energies speed up, women will be called upon more and more to ground in 'what is real' and to hold the bridge of the 4th chakra, the heart center. As more of our 'grid' becomes unworkable, those who possess access to the " living matrix ' will be in high demand to help shift people and their circumstances to a joyous co-creation with the Divine.

Our Mystic Sister Ordination Path is calling on you to prepare for the return of the Mother Goddess 's love and light in these turbulent times. By understanding and teaching the 'Ladder of Light' to our seekers and initiates, we actually be-come the highest expression of perfected energies between heaven and earth. Our 13 Wisdom Circles allow each ordained Mystic Sister to discover deep knowledge of her soul's purpose at this time on earth, as well as tangible tools and rituals to bring the Mother's wisdom to light.

As we travel together through Goddess HER-Story, Sacred Sisterhood, Ceremony & Rituals we weave our lives into a living blessing of service to humanity. Some ordained Mystic Sisters will all-ways serve the Mother; others will be in discovery with us as a life chapter which empowers their sacred role as sister, sweetheart, wife, mother or daughter. I am happy to say I desire a long-term sisterhood of women who are exceptional in their courage, mystic connection and ability to love in all circumstances.

In each gathering, we will immerse ourselves in the 7 Rays of Light of the Human Rainbow Body, the infinite White Light of Father / Source and the deep velvety Black Womb of the Cosmic Mother. We'll share new paradigms for being a sacred sexy woman in the modern era, and include for your use community outreach materials for web and print. Our own shared wisdom will be enhanced by guest presenters are scheduled, as well as a few beloved temple men who will be in attendance, all with the goal of music, healing, and gifting for YOU !

Each New Moon, the Sisterhood gathers to weave our new and ancient wisdom as women giving their all in healing and whole-ing. The 6 two day immersions are bridged by an overnight slumber party, which is optional (you need not sleep over to graduate, but we can guarantee that this piece will be a big part of our sister-bond). The tuition of $200 for each immersion includes ceremonial objects / oracles / veils as needed; food and drink and an honorarium for the presenters. Sign up is limited to the first 12 women in each path (slow track, 6 new moon 2 day circles OR 2 six day intensives).

WE look forward to sharing your stories, your triumphs and challenges as a sacred sexual healer. Our graduations are planned for Winter Solstice, the Mother's High Holy Day and Beltane, May 1st. The 13th Circle is Ordination and public celebration which will be open to friends and family.

For greater detail, please see class schedule below:

You will be ordained as a Priestess by the Phoenix Goddess Temple and / or Temple of 1. This is a female-only path of initiation into our Sacred Sisterhood.

sun and priestessThe Priestess Path requires you to commit to 13 Immersions which will generally convene at 10:00 a.m. and disperse at 8 p.m. There will be homework most nights. These immersions include teachings and hands-on training, bonding as sisters, field trips and sleepovers, surprise gifts and guests! The Priestess Path completes with you being Ordained by our Temple. The Wisdom and direct experience of the immersions allow us to authenticate your work through first hand witness and sharing.

We are offering three ways to receive these teachings:

Track 1: (Spring- 3 Months)
Meets for 2 immersions each new moon and 2 immersions each full moon (4 days per month), starting on the February New Moon(Imbolc), and culminating with the New Priestesses hostessing the May Day (Beltane) celebration on May 1st.

Track 2: (Fall- 6 Months)
Meet for 2 immersions each new moon(2 days per month), starting on the July New Moon and culminating  with the New Priestesses hostess the Winter Solstice Celebration on December 21st

Track 3: Sedona: (Fall- 4 Months)

Meet for 2 or 3 immersions each quarter moon, starting September 21st and culminating with the New Priestesses hostess the Winter Solstice Celebration on December 21st.

See our calendar for dates.

Requested offering of support is as follows:

Mystic Sisters Priestess Path $2640 = 12 Immersions @ $200 each ($200 is the number of partnerships & awakening) + $240 for Ordination. Ordination includes Veil Ceremony and party with family welcome.

Immersion 1: “Her-Story ~ Our Goddess in Ancient Times”. Exploring the Goddess in all Her forms, as worshipped by many cultures the world over. Meet and understand the gifts, graces and powers of the Great Goddess. Includes Goddess cinema “The Burning Times”, an award winning documentary on the religious persecution of those who loved the Mother aspect of God. * Understand Goddess Awareness and obtain the ability to recount the origins/timelines of at least three different Goddess traditions/temples.

Immersion 2: “Sisterhood & Ceremony” Altars, Circles, Drumming, Moon Magick, Dance, Ritual, Ceremony. Knowledge of Rituals. The creation of sacred space. Calling in the power of Gaia. How to Conduct Ceremony. Convening a Circle. Lead one another in prayer, invocations and blessings. Calling in the power of GOD and GODDESS.

Immersion # 3 "The White Light Within: Divinity, Soul, & Shadow Play”. In this circle, we explore the science and mysticism around the human soul.  Process for locating the soul*sol in the body is practiced, along with sensing the chakra spin in each of the major energy channels.   Soul counsel is the difference between coaching, psychology, and 'church' ministry, we guide and empower the eternal and unchanging soul.   Connection to the Divine Source/Higher Self during healing session, 'gnosis' or direct knowing.   Common forms of Shadow Play, the ill-usion of 'separation' from Source, wisdom in working through shadow.

Immersion # 4 "Secrets of the Sexual Priestess: Essentials for Transformational Healing" A crash-course study of the basic tools and attitudes used by sacred sexual healers.  Theory of Practice, including Self Sovereignty for Practitioners & Initiates;  The Ladder of Light energy channels demonstrated and essential oils & stones shared.  The traditions of Laying on of Hands, the Mother, and Whole Body Healing;   Ancient practices of anointing the body discussed & demonstrated, both Ayruvedic  (Abhyanga ) and Egyptian/Christian traditions (anointing the body to prepare for divine connection and service). Application styles of oil covered.

Immersion 5: Root Chakra; Red Ray; Element of Earth; Seat of Kundalini  * Men outflow / women inflow & magnetic ground here.
The Red Ray is the base or foundation of the human rainbow body.  Known in tantra circles as the "Root", this super powerful vortex of energy is home to soul-survival-on-earth, sexuality, (ejaculation sperm meets egg) child birth, menses and the release of female & male sacred fluids.   A primary duty of the Sexual Priestess is to anchor and receive the root energy of the initiate, so that they may experience their own life force as being pure, connected and loved by Source in Her feminine aspect.

Immersion 6: Sacral Chakra; Orange Ray;  Element of Water; Hearth, Home, Foods/Nesting.  Belly and womb, lower back/sacral area * Women outflow here / men inflow & receive nurturing. Here the Transformation Chamber is part of the Mother's love, care and safety.  The chamber is a womb-space, set to recreate innocence, freedom and curiosity, energy and peace.

Immersion 7:  Solar Plexus Chakra; Yellow Ray; “The Jewel in the Lotus”; Strengthening your Identity; Dress like a Goddess; Working with Archetypes – yours and your Seeker’s.

Immersion 8:  Heart Chakra; Green/Pink Ray; “Unstuck”; Healing with Music; Heart Energy; Heart as Bridge between Heaven and Earth; Sharing and Protecting your Heart. Living Compassionate Love. Laying on of hands. Comfort the sick & bereaved. Intervention for healing. Healing those possessed.

Immersion 9: Throat Chakra; Blue Ray; “Pure”; Authenticity and Communication; Healing Power of Words – compliments, affirmations, prayers, chanting, and singing.

Immersion 10: Brow Chakra; Third Eye; Indigo Ray; “Command” Mysticism; Nature of Mysticism; Signs and Wonders; Healing with Aromatic Essential Oils; Meditation; divination; oracles; the Power to Invoke. Priestesses will become familiar with the use of oracles, signs and wonders and other divine interventions.

Immersion 11: Crown Chakra; Purple/Violet Ray; “Thousand”; Gnosis; Practice of Oneness with Source; Oneness with all of Creation; Direct Divinity from Source; Opening to what is beyond the 5 senses; working with Faith and Trust; accepting the blessings; gratitude; light body teachings. Healing with Laying on of Hands. Channel for Divine Light. Integration of Shadows.

Immersion 12: Priestessing in the World. Public Priestessing; Being a Traveling Dakini; Dealing with family, friends, the Press. Putting up a website, online presence, community outreach, ads, P.R. We are also asking the Mystic Sisters to be prepared to represent the Goddess ‘out in the world’. You may be asked to speak or be interviewed regarding the path of the sacred feminine. If you are shy, we ask you to consider writing your thoughts about the path, so that no matter what, what you have learned will be shared and brought out in the light. Represent the Temple & the Sacred Feminine in the outer world.

Immersion 13: Ordination! You will receive Ordination Certificate, an Oracle chosen for you by your mentor, a Sacred Veil, and a piece of Sacred Jewelry to commemorate your office as Priestess of the Phoenix Goddess Temple.

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