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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
Non-Profit Status


Your gifts help create and hold sacred space for a unique ministry which welcomes all religions to "CO-Exist" under one roof.  Each of the teachers, guides, healers, administrators and support staff has their own religious views, stemming from their own family of origin.  In accordance with our belief that each being is self=sovereign and on their own unique path to Source, our temple is structured as overlapping individual ministries, each with its own way of handling money, which is a form of personal and shared energy.

The Phoenix Goddess Temple as a legal entity is a held by the Holy Order of the Mystic Sisters, founded in 2002 in Seattle Washington by Mystic Mother Tracy Elise (Ether), Reverend Rainbow Love (Fire) High Priestess Diana (Earth) Goddess Embodiment Chloe (Water) Goddess Embodiment Isis (Air);  These Sisters founded the Great Goddess Temple with 22 other Mystic Sisters in a public ceremony on Beltane, May 1st, 2005, on Lake Union in Seattle, WA.  Mystic Mother Tamar was ordained Priestess of Shekmet,  Mother Priestess Sylvia Jane was ordained Priestess of Durga Chamundi at this ceremony.
During this ceremony, Tracy Elise and Tamar married the Mother's temple, entering into a lifetime of service to the Great Goddess.  They took a 'vow of poverty' which is to say, that all fruits of their labor would be given over to support the Mother's work, and in turn, the Mother Goddess would provide for their material needs.  Mothers Tracy Elise and Tamara Brusso have lived in this traditional manner as do nuns, monks and priests since May of 2005.  The Phoenix Goddess Temple is held as a free-church legal entity, by the Order of the Mystic Sisters.  ALL of financial records are available to interested members and donors twice yearly.  Our accounts are open at all times to practitioners, teachers, guides and healers who tithe for the support of the facility, supplies, community outreach and staff.
The Temple Mothers were in the process of publishing our annual report for the first time when the temple was raided by the Maricopa County Sheriff's SWAT team; our records will be made public as soon as they are returned to us.  The last public report of our finances, and the accounting of all donated funds was made by Mother High Priestess of Hera, J.C. in April of 2011.
Offerings of Support made for healings and private ritual / guidance may be tax deductible under federal law; please check with your accountant.  The Mystic Sisters have chosen not to apply for the 501(c)3 status for the Goddess Temple, as the federal government partnership  requirements are at-odds with the female values & virtues of peace, love, caring for youth and the aged, healing,  sharing and communal life.  For 11 years, our seekers, members, initiates and guides have felt comfortable supporting the Sister's work without the additional structure of a federal tax deduction.  

Large donations of support may be made to our benefit through one of our sister ministries.  These religious bodies are registered with the federal government and are pre-qualified to issue tax deductible receipts for donations made by benefactors.    These sister ministries have offered to generously oversee grants and large gifts, and will keep 10% of the contribution for their own administrative costs: Founded by PGT & School of 1 Members to follow First Nations
Spiritual practices of honoring the Earth as Mother, and all of
Her gifts upon it for Humankind.  Mother Medicine Wheel of Phoenix, Arizona A Grand Mother / Grand Father Temple of visionary Pioneers in the Tantra Temple
movement, held by Dr. Sasha & Janet Lessin.  The Lessin's temple and All Chakra School
was the first of its kind to be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a viable 'church'
teaching sacred sexuality methods pioneered by the Lessins with Charles Muir and others
in the Neo-Tantra movement
Contact Mystic Mother Tracy Elise for details on how your tax deductible contribution can help in the rebuilding of the Mother's Temples here in Phoenix and Sedona, Arizona:  cell 928.274.4047   email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Our building houses Goddess Worship (Red) Hindu Divine Pairs (Orange) Indigenous Shamanism (Yellow) Buddhism (Green), Sufi Mystic Muslim (Blue), Holy Waters/Mother (Indigo), Druid/Pagan/Wiccan (Purple), Egyptian Mysteries (Black) and Judeao-Christianity (White).   We believe that by encouraging each person to root in the religious values of their childhood, and reach out with open arms for UNITY as ONE FAMILY, we honor our Mother and Father, our Neighbors and ALL of Creation!


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