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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
Wish List

Our temple family has undergone a traumatic loss since the heedlessly violent raids and closures of our sacred facilities.  Practitioners, teachers, guides and healers have lost their right livelihood.  Some of have lost homes, cars, and even a few, have lost custody of their own children due to the pre-judice of governmental agencies.   Even though we are 'innocent' and should be treated as 'innocent until proven guilty', most of us are unable to meet even the most basic expenses while we await trial.  In addition to costs for living expenses we also are establishing a legal fund for a high-powered defense team. *** NOTE: Nearly all of 30+ defendants are being represented by court appointed attorneys on YOUR tax dollar!  This is not good use of our money when real sex offenders go unchecked and real criminals are free to repeat crimes that have real victims!

Since many of us had our bank accounts seized, cars, computers, and cameras taken, we also have a wish list for physical objects needed:
Automobiles for transportation and / or volunteers to drive us as needed to appointments, shopping, etc.
Computers, especially laptops with Skype capability
HD Video and Digital still cameras, microphones, lights
Video editing equipment
Women's clothing, sizes 8, 10, and 14
Foodstuffs, especially organic fruits and vegetables
Flowers, candles & sacred art for our altars
Plane & Bus tickets to visit families out of state
THREE of the Priestesses need a place to live within the greater Phoenix Area / Maricopa County.  We seek housing with a vibrant, loving energy, and prefer lush natural outdoor surroundings, to further commune with the Great Mother Gaia (earth).
What we need MOST is a committed civil rights attorney to represent us in our lawsuit against the City of Phoenix, Maricopa County and the State of Arizona.   We anticipate punitive damages and would be happy to work with an attorney on a contingency basis; are you the one?


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