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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
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My Radical Thanksgiving Wish

By Baeth Davis
The Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business™
and Your Love & Money On Purpose Mentor!

“A radical inner transformation and rise to a new level of consciousness might be the only real hope we have in the current global crisis brought on by the dominance of the Western mechanistic paradigm.” - Stanislav Grof, world-renowned transpersonal psychologist

Have you heard about the ancient civilization of Crete? For over 1500 years, men and women co-existed in an egalitarian society renowned for its art, culture, financial prosperity, and peacefulness. Nearly every home, even the most modest, had a shrine dedicated to worshipping the Goddess and nature. It was not a dominator society like we live in today. Which is to say, the women didn’t dominate the men even though they worshipped the Goddess. In our current culture, we believe it is ‘normal,’ or ‘human nature,’ for men to be violent and seek domination through looting, pillaging and conquering.

Not so. It is insane and abnormal. Tragically, violence is seen as less sinful than sex. Your child can play murderous video games but ‘God forbid’ you see Janet Jackson’s nipple - that could lead to years of therapy.

If you let masculine energy run amok, you have the bombed out sand pit that is Afghanistan or the destitute landscape of the Congo. And oh, wars as a daily occurrence, starving children (19,000 die per day) and greed. We are cutting down the rainforest, the actual lungs of our planet, as we burn more oil. There is plenty of oil. There is not plenty of atmosphere without trees.

On a global scale, we are addicts, out of control, stealing from the planet that our very survival depends upon because of a theology/philosophy of domination. It will be our destruction or our turning point. Collectively, we have become stupid, greedy monkeys, not evolved beings. Stupid monkeys. But we weren’t always. And we can rise up to a proper standard again if we CHOOSE to.

If you let feminine energy run amok, well, it just doesn’t seem to do anything but beget more life, abundance and satisfied men and women!

Because male energy, in its healthy form, desires to do three things for the feminine (NOTE: these energies exist in every individual and between individuals in all relationships, personal and professional.):


  1. Mate with her. (The Goddess is hot!)
  2. Protect her from disrespect or harm.
  3. Provide for her with gifts, affection, help, boundaries, guidance, structure.

Imagine the Goddess as your mother. Would you rape her? Burn her? Enslave her children? Of course not. 

You may be thinking, “Baeth, this is depressing.” Good, it should be depressing. Think about it every day and you will find a way to make your purpose about saving the world’s animals and children from our 5000-year addiction to violence and domination. 

You get to decide. Would you like to worship a pregnant fertility Goddess or a dead man on a cross? The beliefs we believe as ‘fact’ either fulfill us or destroy us. The “Jesus” story has been repeated thousands of times around the globe for millennia. Before the Roman butchers got a hand on the Goddess and turned her bull’s horns into ‘satan,’ The Goddess would consistently, from culture to culture, birth a magical son. The holy trinity was the family itself, God, Goddess, and their Magical Boy who worshipped the Goddess in turn.

As long as we worship only male gods and believe in the war machine that this lopsided theology brings, we don’t stand a chance. We are screwed. Plain and simple. 

Think about it this way. Do we put most of our government resources toward “life” technology or “death” technology? 

Men are not by nature violent conquerors and perpetrators. It’s a belief system that emerged when the Goddess was overtaken by marauding huns who sought power without effort, a ploy that is still rampant throughout the world. 

So what do we do? Clean up our beliefs for starters. You can choose your own philosophy. You’re not going to heaven or hell, except maybe in your everyday life. 

I have seen the cosmos in the eyes of a child, the heart of a lover, the curve of a dolphin’s body moving through the air. Love, peace and joy aren’t holiday platitudes nor Miss America contestant wishes. They are our only chance for survival. Mark my word on this. We will rue the day we crossed Mother Nature. For the Goddess will wipe us from this plane if we persist in upsetting her ecological balance. The planet will be here, but we may not be. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m not even from this earth. On my planet, everyone loves everyone else unconditionally, because we know everyone is our family, even the rocks have spirits that heal and comfort us. It would be unheard of to yell at your child, strike out at a lover in anger or even create a weapon to defend one’s self. Defend one’s self against what? When you honor the gift that is life with singing, dancing, sexual play, delicious food, creative arts, well-planned agriculture, lively entrepreneurship, and public entertainment and male/female sporting events, there is no thought of violence. 

It is my vision to see this arise again here on this planet. I think that’s why I came here. This Goddess has a fierce love in her heart for all the world’s creatures and seeks unity without the loss of individuality. 

This is my radical Thanksgiving wish. That God finds his Goddess once again and places her beside him, where he honors and protects her so she may beget ever more life. Now. Not in a fancy hereafter designed to clean out my coffers and make me satisfied with being dominated. 

I will never be dominated. Ever. By anyone

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