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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
About the Mystic Sisters

The Mystic Sisters of the Phoenix Goddess Temple serve our world and our community through a Sacred Labor of Love.

We are an ordained sisterhood, having dedicated our lives, fortunes and soul/body to walk on earth as the in-formed wisdom and grace of Mother of All.

We are in 'right livelihood' as our work expands happiness and connection to soul. We cultivate and celebrate the ensouling of light in physical form.

*We bring no enslavement or degradation of our brothers or sisters.

*We bring no pollution to the Mother Earth.

*We do not add to the world's energetic web of war, capitalism & consumption (avarice & gluttony), intolerance or possessiveness, all

of which gets between the self, the Higher Self and Source.

*We defy a generic fear of others by embracing perfect strangers as the friends we’ve just met.

*We believe our temple to be an island of light where all are self-sovereign in their own bodies, all are guardians of their own thoughts and

feelings, not to be put upon by others.

All temple proceeds further our work for the Great Mother. We are a not-for-profit free church; our wealth does not accrue to one person

or for-profit business concern, but rather to our mission of furthering the Goddess presence on Earth. In accepting this calling to full-time

ministry, we are "in the world but not of it."

We model our temple and our sisterhood on the original Free Church envisioned by our country's Founding Fathers, who in their foresight

gave us all we would need to lift up the Mother's church in this time of worldwide religious and cultural intolerance.

See 'donations' if you'd like more information on how to support the Mother's work.


Namaste' we see the God-light in you too!


Qualities of a Modern Goddess:


  1. She is Divine Devotion through her disciplined LOVE
  2. She is Ruler of the Red Ray with Pleasure, In-Sight and Ecstasy
  3. She is a Sacred Vessel for the Mother’s Unconditional Love
  4. She Abides in Divine Timing
  5. She loves in Perfect trust
  6. She Lives in Abundant Bliss
  7. She Creates and Holds a Nurturing Sanctuary
  8. She Tra nsforms the Soul through Sensual Activation and Whole Body Healing
  9. She Unveils the Erotic Mysteries
  10. She Remembers and Proclaims Women’s Ancient Wisdom
  11. She Resurrects and Proclaims Her-story, the Goddess in Natural Time
  12. She Elevates Morality into Enlightened Choice
  13. She Celebrates Sisterhood as a Shared Foundation
  14. She Artfully Weaves the Ladder of Light
  15. She Radiates Her beauty through Self knowledge, Self love and Self Care
  16. She Courageously wields the Sword of Truth with fearless authenticity
  17. She is a Self-Sovereign Be-ing, living in the NOW
  18. She is always in Gratitude as she lives her own grand story
  19. She Embodies and Illuminates a Full Spectrum Living Matrix
  20. She Facilitates 1-ness of SOURCE though Her Rites, Rituals, and Ceremonies.
  21. She Powerfully Consecrates everything physical as a Sacred Gift from the Mother
  22. Her Reverence for the Goddess Restores Equality and Harmonizes Universal Yin/Yang Balance.

Agreed on this day, New Moon in Leo, August 10th 2010, by the sacred Mystic Sisterhood of the PHOENIX GODDESS TEMPLE * 2728 N. 24th Street in Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A. Planet Earth



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