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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
In Temple

On the occasion of your first visit, you may wish to consider who you are in coming to the temple. We will not ask you to declare any intention, nevertheless, we will receive you into the Mother's bosom and you will naturally be a....

* Guest are folks who want direct knowledge of what we do. Have you heard of the Goddess, sacred sex, tantra, the light body, but have never had anyone explain it to you? Our temple, our practices and the services we offer are open to all humans. We invite you to follow your curiousity, for that honest interest can be a prime agent for life change. We welcome the curious of all persusions and ask only that you be sincere in your questions. Guests are also those who enjoy our temple atmosphere and services but do not believe in the spiritual nature of our Sacred Labor. We leave this connection of Source and Seeker up to the 1 God / Goddess. We are not worried if your conscious mind is into the 'woo woo' we do, we're just glad you came!

* Seeker are those who have a spiritual practice or have had in the past, and are now feeling led to find new sources of energy, direction and connection to the Higher Power. Seekers come from all faiths and religious backgrounds. They are spiritual men and women who are open to the possibility of that God has a feminine counterpart in the Goddess. Our Seekers are usually excited about this concept and the idea of God / Goddess in Divine Union.

* Initiate are Seekers who have found genuine soul-food in our temple and they return to experience their own body's deep library of wisdom. These folks come and go and feel like family; they visit the temple regularly as part of their life journey. They may call another church or synagogue home, and still they feel compelled to experience the God-As--Mother aspect of creation.

* Temple Sister/ Brother are Initiates who have decided to really support the Goddess Temples, and who enjoy spending time in our programs. These friends drop by for tea and bring little gifts, help with chores, show up at the socials & classes and generally visit us enough to actually know what we are really doing here.

* Priestess/ Priest are those who have a gift for channeling light into matter, who make themselves available at the whim of spiritual imperatives. May be a person withanother job, and with many crafts and abilities. They may not be in temple full time, their priest preistess duties are just one part of t heir life matrix. * High Priestsess / Priest those who have accepted a full-time calling to heal, guide, and minister with light. For these , there is no other work, they are full time in temple life, all that they do, all of their resources and abilities are wholly dedicated to Heaven & Earth Reunion, to facilitating "Paradise Now"

* Healer / Guide are those with gifts to give as well as receive. We invite those who have gifts to give to inquire about blessing our healers with the very wisdom we may need, strong loving touch, energy work, etc. These men / women come into the temple with the highest frequency possible and offer to share in the moment.

We hold space for this high and holy creation when two hearts of light meet in sacred space, creating trust and bliss that heals the very fabric of Creation.

Seeker Form is a form you will fill out for us on your first visit where you will choose an annonymous seeker name, as well as select the type of healing you are looking for and your desired path of learning:

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