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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
First Visit

Seeker / Temple Member Orientation

WELCOME to our Temple. It is our intention to fully honor your privacy and personal boundaries, while providing our practitioners with information sufficient to deliver the most appropriate healing methods in your sessions. Please choose a confidential Temple Name which inspires you to your highest possibility of your most sacred self.

Seeker Name :________________________________________Date ___________

*Please choose a unique name easily remembered; your spiritual name is how you will be known in temple life. Your name can be from literature or history, a favorite color or even your childhood pet. YOUR REAL NAME is not desired by us, your total privacy is assured as you embark on this journey of inner-knowing. Your secret Temple name should inspire you to move beyond the limits of the strictly material world to fully connect with soul, spirit, energy and the web of life. Be as a child once again, dream, laugh, feel & play in complete freedom from the norms of everyday life. KNOW THYSELF !

______ I agree my purpose in Temple is to seek knowledge of my soul’s energy expression. The sensitive and personal nature of the work requires a full commitment on my part, as well as my healer, to trust one another as fellow seekers of body wisdom. I need not leave my primary faith to explore the tantric all-is-one nature of existence.

______ I acknowledge I will not receive any type of therapeutic massage during my session at the Temple of 1 / Phoenix Goddess Temple.

______ I acknowledge I will not receive any type of sexual gratification in exchange for money during my session. At Temple of 1 / Phoenix Goddess Temple, all that unfolds is consensual exchange between self-sovereign beings for the purpose of expanding knowledge of life force.

______ My guide / healer and I will be fully consensual in granting one another permission to touch and be touched physically and to share life force energy in an intimate and safe manner.

______ My healer / guide and I will hold in privacy and trust the information shared during our session, and will not discuss any details of our experience outside the temple chambers.

PLEASE CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY: At this point, I consider myself a: _____ Guest (to satisfy curiosity) _____ Seeker (to find something that is missing in my life) _____ Initiate (to continue learning tantric mysteries) _____ Priest/ess, Healer, Teacher (to expand my own ministry of healing) _____ Double Agent (to uncover the truth of temple teachings on the body, sacred sexuality & life force as it relates to established social moirés and regulations)

I/We are interested in learning more about: Tantra / Sacred Sexuality / Divine Pairs Couples Tantra / Tantra for 1 / His & Hers Chakras / Yin-Yang Polarity / Surrender to Yin / Tantric Power Exchange / Goddess Temple History / Ascension of the Light Body / 2012 & 1000 years of light / Whole Body Healing / Increasing Orgasmic Potential / Erectile Dysfunction / Premature Ejaculation / Prostate Health / Full Body Bliss / Goddess Worship & Goddess Guide Me / Temple Dance / Sex as Religion / Magnetic Tantra / Electric Body 101

What results would you like to achieve from your sessions?

Would you like to receive email notes about upcoming classes, socials, guest teachers: Yes/No

If yes, please list email address here: ____________________________________________

Our newsletter will keep you updated of any special offers, and discounts. Information given to us will not be shared with any other group or individual and will not be used for any other purpose.

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