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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
Offerings of Support


Your financial offering of support helps keep the temple's sacred space available for all in need of a renewed soul*body*mind. As with all houses off worship and spiritual retreats, we have a special place to receive your donation; look for the lotus candle on an altar in your transformation chamber. Your love offering is an active way for you to help restore the balance of Yin / Yang energies here on planet earth as every Temple of the Mother provides much needed Yin to the Universal Web of Life.

Current Sessions offered by Mystic Mother Tracy Elise

**These are scheduled alone or with your partner, and are designed to help you sense, direct and amplify your life force energy.  Tracy can also help you let go of old programs which create guilt, shame and fear around your holy body and your energy flow.

90  Minute Consultation to see if Tantra / Goddess / Shamanism is right for you   $105 - $150 Sliding Scale

Two to Three Hour Tantra Gateway  $204 - $402 Sliding Scale
Two Hour Energy Mastery for Men  $204 - $402  Sliding Scale

Two Hour Goddess Embodiment for Women "Free Your Inner Goddess" $105 - $303 Sliding Scale

Two Hour Tantra + Body Rocking Relaxation $150 - $240 Sliding Scale

4-6  Hour Goddess Lifestyle Make-Over $204 - $303   For anyone interested in changing your wardrobe and personal space (i.e. bedroom) into a beautiful new you, empowered by the divine feminine!  We'll meet at your place, inventory what you already have to work with, and decipher your best colors, your sacred objects, and the feng shui of your personal retreat.  We'll then shop for either a new look (clothing) or a new room (bedroom or living space), using what you cherish now plus a few key new purchases.  The Goddess Makeover day transforms your life instantly, you'll wake up to a whole new YOU!



??????? What's up with the strange numbers in your suggested offering list ???????

The numbers suggested above reflect the power of numerology. We use the ancient Chaldean system, which states that all numbers which add up to and reduce to the number 6 will be blessed by the Mother Goddess. Since all of our work is dedicated to Her, it is only appropriate that the offerings reflect a devotion to Her powers of Love, Creativity and Sensual Nature. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding our temple, sessions or teachings, we are happy to speak with you!


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