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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
Sanctuary & Privacy

Our sanctuary is a sacred space created and maintained by the resident Priestesses, Priests, Body Wisdom Guides, Healers and Educators. This physical space is consecrated as separate and safe from the identity and concerns of the outside world, so that we can provide for the work of spirit/body/mind union.

Our temple is a safe and secluded space for the restoration of body, mind and soul. We offer a variety of options for achieving temple sanctuary. Please let us know if you need extra care above what is offered as our normal practice:

We ask you to enter our enlosed and dedicated space to your healing light.

It is our goal to honor your privacy and personal boundaries while providing our practitioners with information sufficient to deliver the most appropriate healing methods in your sessions.

Any information you choose to share with your Gateway Minister or your Healer / Practitioner will be kept in the strictest of confidence, both in our records (we keep no records of our seekers & initiates) and in our conversations with others.

In the case of other healers you may be working with, we will only convey the information needed to refer the initiate, no more no less. (See Health Yours & Ours for more on privacy and ethical considerations with our temple guests).

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