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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
You in Temple

The original Lord's Prayer:

Abwoen d'bwasmaja
Nitkadesj sjmach
Teetee malkoetach
Neghwee tsevjanach ajkana d'bwasjmaja af b'arhah
Habwlan lachma d'soenkanan jaomana
Wasjbooklan chaoebween ajkanna daf chnan sjbwokan l'chajabeen
Wela taghlanl'nesjoena ela patsan min biesja
Metol dillachie malkoeta waghajla watesjboechta l'oghlam almien, ameen

English translation: (original translation in Dutch by Ilse Brinkman)

All-Father-Mother, All One
Of the All
In the All

Holy and secret are Your names
You live in activity and Light
Let Your desire be with mine
Here now and in the All

Touch me, feed me
With your astonishment
To fulfill Your desire
My surrender to You, the other and the All.

Accept me,
That I am not yet whole,
Not yet connected to You
Forgive me my hesitant effort
To connect myself with You
As I accept my fellow-man
His being un-whole,
His being un-healed.

Lead me away from show- and ignorance
And free me of what keeps me from the Light
Because in You and from You
Is the Light, the power and the Life
Here now and for ever


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