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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom
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Dear Friend In Freedom:

On September 7, 2011, the nations' largest training and ordination center for holy body healing and full spectrum energy work was closed by an armed SWAT team in Sedona and Phoenix, Arizona. These internationally acclaimed healing temples and schools were unlawfully denied their constitutionally protected freedom of speech and religion the State of Arizona.  Government officials, by replacing religious language and intent with secular wording, have arrested over 30 healers, guides and teachers.  Members of these federally recognized non-profit groups have had property confiscated, lost their right livelihood income;  some have even lost custody of their children!   All are facing including prison time for simply offering healing services by donation, in the name of the Mother Goddess and Tantra.   The District Attorney has stated that ‘this is no more a church that Cuba is fantasy island”.  By denying the sincere faith of these citizens, the County of Maricopa took a giant step towards establishing a state definition of who God is, and what God expects of each of us.

After 12 years of devoted and healthful community service, these temples and schools are gone. Over 2000 temple members have lost their place of healing, study and worship. By signing this petition, you send a strong message to our elected officials that it is unacceptable to force secular language into private spiritual organizations and schools. These temple schools are 501(c)3 federally recognized members of the Oklevueha Native American Church, and are protected by First Nations treaties. Matriarchal religions have always offered holy body anointing and healing, as ancient life-giving rites granted by the great Mother.  No matter what your religious background, you can support these temples in offering teachings and ceremony for the three great life rites: sex, birth and death.  No living creature comes to earth without experiencing these gifts from the Creator.  These temples deserve an opportunity to provide wholesome female leadership in these areas of life.

Let's stop Arizona county and governments from overthrowing our civil liberties! Help protect these ancient religious practices which honor the wisdom of women, and the men who prefer equality and balance to domination and control.

Mother’s Religion Deserves Fair Treatment By Law

Sacred sexuality temples deserve a place in the US

To be delivered to: President Barack Obama, The Arizona State Senate, Governor Jan Brewer, The Arizona State House, Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne and Susan N. Newman, President, American Civil Liberties Union

Sex education for millions of Americans consists of a study of body parts, germs and pregnancy prevention.  For centuries, religion has taught that married procreative sex is the only morally acceptable form of expression of these energies. This extremely limited information given in school, colored by the church with guilt, shame and fear, has produced in our nation sexual dysfunction in pandemic proportions.

In the U.S. pornography, strip clubs and sex stores are legal businesses which earn billions of dollars every year legally for their owners.  Billions more are spent on illegal massage parlors, escort agencies and street prostitutes.

The combination of a limited, biological sex education, combined with unnaturally repressive programs from religion have created sexual hypocrisy, illness and the breakdown of pair bonds, resulting in a destabilization of family and nation.

Spiritual Healers from all religious backgrounds are now offering sacred sexuality teachings based on the holy body, full spectrum energy, and conscious touch.  These ancient practices offer soulful connection of mind body and spirit and bring wholesome knowledge and mindful practices to human sexual expression which are not offered by mainline religion teachings, nor in secular school settings.

Sacred sexual disciplines are available which give men mastery of their energy, and which empower women as the wise mentors and guides of human sexual expression.

Across the country, the temples which house these teachings are being attacked by laws which accuse these time-honored wisdom streams with secular prostitution.  In Arizona, the national training center for this inter-faith movement is under legal attack.  Ordained ministers, healers and guides are currently facing years in prison for sharing these healing truths.

WE invite you to join with us as we make a stand for these temples and schools of enlightened energy expression.  Unique feminine intelligence regarding the body is being restored and uplifted, bringing a long awaited balance to male dominant religions.

Please support these healers in restoring their freedom of speech and their ability to hold space for the Mother and Father in Divine UNION.  Demand that these non-profit temples and schools be afforded fair and equal treatment under the law, and be allowed to worship freely as defined in the Constitution of the United States.   The wrongfully accused healers need 10,000 signatures to gain assistance from the ACLU Arizona. Help us achieve that goal and more, as we take a stand for:

A Free Body * No one controls your physical self.

Free Speech * No one inserts their words in your story.
Free Energy Flow* No one manipulates your life  force.

Free to Connect * No one dictates religious worship

or private healing rites between consenting adults.
Equality for ordained female ministers in leading with spiritual  authority

Please count my name in support of the continuance of these sacred teachings as a much needed addition to sex education in our communities.

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