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Phoenix Goddess Temple - Lighting the Way with Her Love and Wisdom

Krishna Naidu
Phoenix, NYC, DC, Boston, Atlanta, San Diego, etc.

Temple Title(s)
Pain Relief Yoga Teacher, Whole Body Healing Teacher, Media Entrepreneur Design, Events/Party Design

Offering Energy Healing/Body Transformation as a: Whole Body Healer, Tantra Teacher, Pain Relief Yoga Teacher

In Temples’ Service since: July, 2003 NYC; Phoenix 2008 (yellow house)

Specialized Training/Modalities:
Body Mind College: 1999 Emotional Release, Various Massage Modalities, Non-violent communication; Master Yoga Teacher Institute: yoga teacher training, embodiment yoga therapy; Siddha Yoga Meditation, meditation made easy, blue pearl course.

Astrology Sign: Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising

Spiritual Path: Started at 16 when I began asking what’s the purpose of life? Who am I? What is the purpose of sex? What is life? What is death?... I have created my own path through practicing various different eastern and western traditions see my website for more details.
My Current Spiritual practice: Contemplation, chanting, meditation, flipping my beliefs on their head and testing their validity. Life Itself and asking “How best can I serve in this moment (could be doing something for myself, others, or the environment around me).

My most influential teachers on my life path include: Dr. Barry Green, Gurumyi Chidvilasananda, Baba Muktananda, Marshall Rosenberg, My 3 long term lovers and partners of the last 12 years. Love brings up everything that is not love to be destroyed.

My Healer name, what it means and/ or why I chose it: Krishna means dark one. I chose it when I heard a story at the first workshop I co-taught that Krishna just wants to lie by the riverbank and make love to the gopis/his devotees.

What do I do as a healer/teacher? : I teach people awareness through breath, touch and sound. I unravel the inner tensions in my student’s bodies through yoga, full body touch, and a variety of healing methods including Swedish, shiatsu, tuina pressure point, structural integration, yoga therapy, and guided meditations.

What to expect in a session with me: Clear and present compassionate communication, a combination of various healing modalities of touch, and yoga therapy. Have a whole new understanding of what is possible in your body. Feel taller, more relaxed, and vital all at the same time.

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